Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Matthews, NC

Every home or business that has carpet and upholstery furniture requires regular cleaning. Spills, accidents, and simple daily use cause these items to become dirty. When you need the best cleaning service, such as steam cleaning your couch, couch stain removal, upholstery steam cleaning, and carpet and upholstery cleaning, we can help. When you need cleaning services in Matthews, NC, and surrounding areas you should always hire a professional.

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The Advantages of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Regularly hiring carpet cleaners has many advantages. Over time, debris and stains can collect in your carpets and on furniture surfaces. Hiring a professional for carpet stain removal and rug stain removal ensures this job is done correctly and your home or business receives a deep clean.

Each Job Is Unique

Here are some advantages to hiring a professional cleaning service.

  • Extend the Life of Your Carpet and Furniture: Professional cleaning extends the life of carpets and furniture. Without regular cleaning, the fibers and material that make up these items can become damaged due to dirt and grime.
  • A Healthier Environment: Professional cleaning uses deep-cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning that remove pathogens from deep in your carpets. Our professional care removes allergens and dust from your home or business.
  • Remove Dirt and Bacteria: As people enter and leave a location, dirt and bacteria can be tracked in from the outside world. Even regular vacuuming may not remove all the dirt and microscopic items that collect in your home or business. We provide the level of cleaning you need.
  • Stain Removal: Common stains such as coffee, red wine, dirt, ink, and pet stains can be very hard to remove from your carpet and furniture. When you hire us, we have the tools to restore your carpet.
  • Makes Your Home or Business Nicer: Regular cleaning makes a place look better. Freshly cleaned carpets and furniture are nicer to look at, visually pleasing in terms of decoration, and communicate a place is clean and healthy.

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When You Need the Best Service

When you need carpet and upholstery cleaning or specialized care such as rug cleaning, we can help. At CLT Steam, we specialize in business and residential carpet cleaning. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.